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I'm back!

Hey guys, it's been a while since the last time I post in my blog.

Life has been really great for me. I am here in Dublin for almost 2 months already. I've settled down and life's are getting tougher everyday. Study, assignments, meetings, sketch practices, badminton matches, music, jamming sessions, photography, trips and vacations... gosh, I can list all the activities and blog about them. But I won't, because that will make me sounds bad for I love what I am doing.

Well, let's talk about music. The first time I got involved in music was when I went to Sunday School in Saratok's chapel. Since then, I am interested in learning music but I've never really get the chance to learn and take a higher step in it. When I was 14's, I joined the marching band in my secondary school but the dream couldn't go further due to solicitation by our former school's principal in refusing to fund for the school band.

My dream doesn't stop right there. After SPM, my mom actually suggested to me to go for piano lesson and of course, I couldn't agree more! Right after National Service, I went for piano class for 1 month. I managed to learn how to read notes. Since then, my passion in music over-whelmed my life.

Abadi, Hijaz and me jamming in PMC music room... I really miss this moment *sigh*

I starts to learn to play guitar when I was in KMB (during 2nd year). I learned guitar by myself with the help of a chord book. My method of learning guitar: Have a chord book, open your favourite song and play along with it provided there are chords available for the song, of course. I still remember how hard for me to get myself to play chord B when I first started playing guitar. It took me 3 months to get it right.

Not enough with piano and guitar, I dare myself to learn to play drum. And I really glad I did. I even play in a band and the best thing is, our band won the 2nd place in KMB talentime! Woohoo! When I went to PMC, I took a further step where I would practice drumming at least once a week. I got to learn a lot when I was there.

Plus, I also got myself an electric guitar and had jamming sessions with my friends. Since I got an electric guitar, I fall in love with punk rock music. Heavy distort and up-beat drumming, everyone is totally enjoy it when we jams.

Now, in Ireland, I am really glad that my parents allow me to involve in music despite knowing that I am doing medicine.

For me,
Music is a way for me to express myself and cope with my daily life's stress.
Music connects and unites everyone. That's what I believe and it will always do, now and forever.

Hijaz and me doing cover for Your Call... and yes, music unites

A Tale of Cats

No introduction needed, these are my cats in Saratok.

They all are fluffy and very cute. Not to say, they are super duper adorable!

Name: Cat (seriously)
Age: 8 months
Favourite toy: Insects (any kind)

Name: Miccun
Age: 5 months
Favourite toy: Cap (bottle's, container's)

Name: Goldie
Age: 5 months
Favourite toy: Anything that Miccun plays (Miccun's best buddy!)

My favourite,

Name: Sweetie
Age: 3 months
Favourite toy: Anything that is small and catchy

So, these are my friends at home. Together, they make all of us happy! I really love cats! Meow!


Home, sweet home. Oh, how I miss my home.

Now, I am back at my sweet little hometown called Saratok. I've been here since I was 9 years old. Anyway, my family is from Saratok. It is good to stay in your own hometown.

So, what is home? For me, it is a place where people remember and think of me(apology to Masashi Kishimoto). Anywhere in this world, as long as there is somebody always think of me, that is a place I can go back to and called home. But, it is not as easy as it says. The concept of home is much bigger than that. It needs to be truly understood before you can believe a place to be called as home.

It does not start as simple as having a house, you know. It's about the people who lives in the house that can make a place your home. So, it's all back to our relationship with other people that really matter. There are levels in relationship. Acquaintances, friends, mates, colleagues, special friends, girlfriend or boyfriend and families. To achieve the specific level, you need commitment and love. What I believe, these are the 2 things that are essential in relationship. As long as you understand these, God bless you, you can have another homes. I live what I say and I am living it.

I have a lot of homes in Malaysia. Not including relatives, I have 5 homes that I can go to. I am so grateful that God give me a unique persona. I am glad that I have 5 non-relative families that I can go back to. I am thankful of what I got.

So, next time when I move on to other places, I will have another places that I can call home.
So do you, friends.

Remember, HOME is a place where people remember and think of you.

My 2nd divorced & my 5th marriage

So, finally, I officially got married with my new wife.

duit hantaran of RM1350, and recited the vow, I successfully own her.

Meet my new
wife, RG350EX!

New Layout, New Vision, New Mission but still the SAME blogger

All the best, mates!

I think that is longest title of my post right now.

Hi guys out there. So, here I am, I'm BACK!
No surprise for you guys but it's been a very busy week. Seriously, not kidding, extremely busy.
You all knows it's the exam season, so what else am i residing on except on my desk and revising the syllabus.

So, this is my new layout for my blog. Spent about 2 hours editing the XML code. Looks like I am also quite good in breaking and making the code for blog, huh.

Updates: 3 down, 3 more to go. Good luck to all my friends who are having exams.
May the force be with you.

I'll be back soon.

P/S: I certainly gonna miss Penang... for a moment.

We are on the same path... I took the detour and enjoying it right now.

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